The Intercoastal Pirates Band is a high-energy, wide-range band based in Freeport, Texas.  With each musician having 25 to 30 years of musical experience, this band really gives you the impression that music comes naturally to them.  This music allows us to relax and truly use the music as a form of expression.”?The band has a catalogue of Texas Country, Blues Classics, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Rock and originals in various styles.  “Always play to the room they say? says Chris. “If people wanna dance, we can be a rockin?band.”?If they wanna sulk and sip their whiskey, we’re more than prepared to provide the soundtrack.?/p>


Chris Faulk

Chris was born and raised in Freeport, Texas. While growing up he had the opportunity to watch his two older and very talented brothers sing and play guitars. His own desire to play hit him in the 7th grade and he has not put the guitar down since. Chris joined his first real band, Stargate, in 1981, but he had not played in another band until Backlash was formed in 2003.  In 2005, with the addition of Steve Vonderheide, the Intercoastal Pirates were formed by three Backlash members (Stuart Herbst, Wendell Westlake and Chris Faulk).  Chris’s musical influences besides his brothers are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Steve Warner, Robert Cray and, thanks to Wendell, many Texas Country artists. “I have made many wonderful friendships through playing music and it has been amazing.  I want to thank my loving family for allowing me to spend time enjoying this second childhood.?


Bryan Armstrong

Bryan, born in south Texas, began playing the drums and percussion instruments in school where he competed in state competitions and was awarded the honor of second chair in the All - State band. That is where he got the bug for performing and began his musical journey. Along the way he was able to perform with many different bands of varying styles. He began glamour rocking the 80's playing with "Shattered Image", boot scooting the dancers with country group "Painted Desert" and grooving the house with the funky Texas blues band "The Keepers". Some of the other bands included along the way were, "Cross Country", "Texas Material", "Rodeo Guns" and "Southern Star". All of the performances lead to the group with which he is now honored to be a part of, "The Intercoastal Pirates". As the newest, tallest, youngest and best looking member of the group he looks forward to many years performing with the Pirates and getting to meet some of Steve’s imaginary friends.


Steve Vonderheide

Steve has been playing keyboards for food and bits of string since the eighties in bands on the left coast, the right coast, and since ?8, the Gulf coast. He enjoys writing and listening to all kinds of music, and has made a living as a music teacher and performer for a large part of his career. He lists his musical influences as “…anything I can listen to for longer than ten minutes without having feelings of violence or nausea.”?“I like playing in the Intercoastal Pirates because it’s better than playing with my imaginary friends.?


Ronnie Churchill

Ronnie was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  He has been playing in area bands for over 30 years.  Ronnie played the Houston scene for 5 to 6 years before moving on to local bands such as Ole?Bobs Band, Painted Desert Band and the Nailers.  Ronnie played with the Nailers for 10 years before joining the Intercoastal Pirates in 2006.





Rick Park

A native Texan, Rick Park has lived in Brazoria County since the early 1970s. He began playing guitar in 1976, inspired by Peter Frampton, Carlos Santana, and theatrical rock bands like Kiss. Rick has played hard rock, blues, country, pop, and classic rock music in area bands Blue Max, Katzenjammer, Envoy, Painted Desert, and The Nailers; in addition to stints supporting other local musicians. Rick began working with the Intercoastal Pirates as a substitute rhythm/lead guitarist and vocalist before joining the band as a regular member in early 2008.




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